athanasakeio The museum was built in 1909 with a donation of Alexios Athanasakis. It is one of the most important Greek museums with a unique location. In its halls they are exposed objects from the Neolithic settlements of Sesklo and Dimini, clay figurines and utensils of the Geometric period from the castle of Volos, Pefkakia, Naples but also from the wider area of Thessaly, sculptures of the classical era and rare articulated statues, relics of the Alexandrians era of Demetrias. Particularly important are the columns written in the third century b.C., which have preserved elements of ancient Greek painting on marble artifacts.

Info: Tel. 24210 25285 - 24210 24134
Open Hours 8:30 to 15:00 all year except Monday. Ticket price € 2.

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RAIL MUSEUM OF THESSALY (in Volos Railway Station)


The Graphic Station Evaristo De Chirico remains the same since 1882, when construction of the rail network Thessalian Railway Company gave the first impetus to the rapid growth of the city. The floor of the station building houses the Railroad Museum of Thessaly, home to rich railway, keimiliako and documentation.
It is exposed to a unique museum for Greece richness of small items, like rare old photos, uniforms, telegraphs, the wooden ticket ticket 19th century tools, watches stations orografoi and"primitive"gauges. There are also files, documents, rare books on railway architecture, and historical documents and the unique designs of Evaristo de Chirico and his associates-watercolors-more beauty on the construction of the Volos - Lehonia - Miles to the picturesque train of Pelion.

Info: Tel. 24210 23424
Open from Monday to Friday and from 7:30 to 14:30, hours by appointment. Admission is free.



alekou The Art Center Giorgio de Chirico, owes its name to the great Italian painter born in Volos. The three floors of the building permanently exposed to the art gallery of collector Alexander Damtsas, with about 500 paintings from all the major artistic movements of this century. These projects are divided into engravings, maps and documents for the region, in works by Greek engravers projects Volioton, Magnisioton Thessalians and artists. Most of the donations cover the works of Greek artists of the 19th and early 20th century.
In other areas of the Art Center hosts regular art exhibitions of varying interest.

Info: Tel. 24210 31701, Volos, Metamorphosis 3
Open hours from 10:00 to 13:00 except Saturday and Sunday.

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kitsou The Kitsos Makris Folklore Centre is housed in the home of folklorist, Street Kitsos Makris 38, and belongs to the University of Thessaly. Includes large collection of folklore researcher-kind exhibits, library, consisting of 4,000 volumes of books and archives, with 2,500 slides and 4,000 photographs, many of which displayed treasures of our folk tradition not preserved today.

Info: Tel. 24210 37119
Open from Monday to Friday 8:30 to 12:30 all year and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 the guided k.Makri. Admission is free.

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zogia The red house on the corner and Vlahava Gazis, known to voliotes as the"House of the rose,"a museum - art gallery of artist Chrisoula Zogia. This is a neat place with great care by the same artist to show both her work and its character.
The house - museum located approximately 200 works representing the artist's journey: portraits the period of apprenticeship, landscapes, old mansions and returns home ekklision.To eye of the visitor will win but the furniture of the house, the owner of numerous notes which are everywhere, photographs, personal items, hundreds of painted bottles and many other reveal the unique personality of its owner.

Info:  Upon request on tel 24210 39644, Volos, Anth. Gazi - Vlahava, Hours (all year) Saturday 10:00-13:00 and 19:00 to 9:00 p.m. Wednesday only for the summer. Admission is free.

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almyrou The Archaeological Museum of Almyros is a neoclassical building, which was founded in 1910 and began operations in 1925. After spending many adventures xanaleitourgei renovated since 1998 and includes findings from the part of Thessaly, in historical times was called Achaia Fthiotida.
The exhibition of ancient objects is organized into three rooms: the room Fthiotides Thebes (archaic Mikrothives town near which was a leader among cities in the region), the room in vases, figurines, tools, weapons, jewelry, small objects of prehistoric and Iron Age and the room with objects from the Hellenistic city of Alos the current position Kefalosi Almyros and right of the entrance housed the valuable library of Filarchaiou Company Almyros "Othrys" with rare books, historical and archaeological content.

Info:  Tel 24220 21326, Athens 48
Open hours 8:30-15:00 except Mondays. Ticket price 2€ and 1€ reduced.

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entomologiko The entomological museum of Dr. Agriculture Athanasios Koutrouba in Volos, is unique in Greece and one of the best in the Balkans. Constantly enriched with new species and today includes 35,000 different insect orders, especially Lepidoptera, belonging to more than 10,000 species, subspecies and races.
Among them are rare or unique specimens such as greater butterfly in the world, Thysania agrippina South America by opening feathers 37-40 inches.

Info: Tel 24210 60601 (Morning) - 24210 48556 (Afternoon).
Visiting hours after telephone appointment.

Photo: Ath. Koutroumpa


theofilou The house is near Anakasia newest of the major monuments of the region, as the only surviving house in Pelion with complete painting program. The painted decoration of the house started by the painter Theophilos Hadjimichael 1912 and divided into two zones.
In the bottom zone of various painted motifs, such as a large variety of potted flowers and birds, fountains, wild animals and hunting scenes. Below the upper band which contains 14 large paintings with subjects taken from the Greek Revolution. In the narrow part of the lobby painted four gods of Olympus and the blank wall of a large floor topography on the Anakasia and depth Makrinitsa and Portaria.

Info: Tel. 24210 47340 - 24210 49151, Anakasia.
Open hours 8:00 to 14:30 all year except weekends. Admission is free.

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peliou The Museum of Folk Art and History is housed in the Pelion Topali mansion, built in 1844 and located in the central area of ??Makrinitsa just below the square. This is a three-story mansion, representative sample of classical architecture.
Operates a museum since 1994 and today the folklore collection includes a number of exhibits more than 1500. Among them a series of folk art paintings from the mansions of Pelion 18 and 19th century, a rich collection of photographs, wooden and ceramic household utensils, traditional costumes of the country, and woven rugs, engravings, small items of folk art and important historical relics such as the banner Revolution of 1878.

Info: Tel. 24280 99505, Makrinitsa
Open daily except Mondays. Hours 10:00 to 17:00 in winter and summer from 10:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00. Ticket price 2 euro. Students and teachers are free.

Photo: L. Mourtzoukos


nikola The museum with some of the most representative works of the great sculptor is housed in first floor of the municipal offices in his hometown, the great Saint George of Pelion.
22 houses sculptures by the artist, of which most are bronze, all but one Coveralls head of Christ and of these 9 in supernatural size. Of particular also interesting engravings of Nicholas, 13 woodcuts and copperplate 1 and 16 medals. Two wooden windows, the visitor can see and work periergastei tools, drawings, engravings matrices, like handwritten letters and personal belongings of the famous sculptor and engraver.

Info: Tel. 24280 93100, St. George Pelion.
Open hours of 10:00-14:00 and 18:00 to 21:00 for the period from 1/7 - 15/9 daily except Tuesday from 15/9-30/5 every weekend and holidays. Admission is free.

Photo: Kon.Liapis


mileon Housed on the first floor of City Hall probes and the building up of folklore and historical evidence of the cultural heritage of the village.
In the thematic area there are large banners with informative texts, many photographs and objects selected to provide a more complete picture of antiquity, the great historical moments of the village and the daily lives of residents.

Info: Tel. 24230 86602, Milies, Town Hall.
From 16-9 to 14-6 hours from 10:00 to 14:00 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays and weekends and holidays from 15-6 to 15-9 hours from 10:00 to 14:00 18:00 to 21:00 and 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays and weekends and holidays.

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axileiou The Maritime Museum was founded by Achilles Pteleos City in 2003 to help to raise public awareness on issues related to the marine environment.
The core of the collection was the collection of shells Papastergiou Stephen Vas and The museum is constantly enriched with shells and other artifacts from around the world.

Info: Tel. 24220 41227 - 24220 41910
Achilles Pteleos City, Visiting hours after the telephone interview

Photo: G.Theodorou