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(A) Volos : Departure

(B) Delphi

(C) Volos : Return

Distance and time

407 km, 6 hours & 26 minutes (Evaluation by Google Maps)

Located 200 km from Volos at Delphi, a region that is now decades one of the classic international destinations. A destination that has emerged within the first three of our country to visitors. The most important aspect of classic and tourism course has to do with the existence of the Archaeological Site of Delphi with its famous namesake Panhellenic sanctuary with the famous Oracle of Delphi. The Greek sanctuary of Delphi and the Delphic Landscape is labeled as "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. The Archaeological Museum of Delphi totally complements harmonious the historic visit to Delphi. Renovated in 2004, offers visitors a timeless image of the sacred space and gives the pleasure to enjoy works of great beauty and value as the famous Iniohos.

Delphi Archaeological Museum Tel. 22650 82312 - 82313