Near the village Sesklo, about 8 km west of Volos, the prehistoric settlement of Sesklo on the hill "Kastraki" was discovered. The settlement is one of the oldest discovered in Europe and was first inhabited in the mid-seventh millennium. The excavations in the area revealed a Neolithic settlement, which was dated to the fifth millennium of an unprecedented extent with small houses and narrow streets, often forming squares.
The residents had developed a remarkable civilization, characterized by painted pottery, advanced pottery cooking technique and the extensive use of stone tools and obsidian.

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Neolithic Dimini
The Neolithic settlement of Dimini, located 5 km from Volos, on the northwestern outskirts of the village Dimini. Inhabited by the end of the fifth millennium to the end of the Bronze Age. The architectural remains that span over the hill give us a picture of a Neolithic community organizations, presenting a unique architectural feature: six stone enclosures that were built in pairs around the settlement.

Mycenaean Dimini
In 1980, at the SE of the hill Neolithic relics where uncovered of an important Mycenaean settlement. This city, according to the latest views, coincides with Iolkos, home of Jason. At the settlement we have so far revealed eight independent private homes. Also, the foundations of a great Mycenaean palace exist, which was in a hegemonic position with full supervision of Pagasitikos bay and two vaulted tombs of Kings of Iolkos.

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The ancient city of Demetrias, one of the greatest cities of antiquity, occupies a spacious area in the southern Gulf of Volos, opposite the modern city. Founded by Demetrio Poliorkiti in 294 BC and at one time was the capital of the makedonian state.
Among the most important public buildings that were identified and excavated, prominently hold the ancient theater, the Palace, the basil of Damokrateias and the remains of a Roman aqueduct, known as teeth.
The extent of ancient Demetrias, the significance of its monuments and its position near the modern city of Volos, made it possible to create a standard archaeological park that highlights and builds on the site as a whole.

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The site that lies at the city of New Anchialos was developed by Fthiotides Thebes, one of the most important centers of early Christian and Byzantine Thessaly. The most important findings in the area is preserved sections of early Christian churches, that are dated to the 5th and 6th century AD.
From the remains of these early Christian churches and other public buildings and baths of the city stand the splendid mosaics kept in very good condition.

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